Purpose of the site…..

To raise awareness on the harms of porn and masturbation while we wait for science to catch up. I am not trying to start a movement here or a cult, or a religious site but rather to educate people on the dangers of porn and masturbation, and the adverse effects it has on our brain chemistry. Research has shown that excessive porn use can change the neural pathways of the brain causing addiction, hormonal changes, sexual dysfunction and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, people have reported other symptoms aswell.

My journey of abstaining from PMO…….

Porn, masturbation and orgasm? been there done that….never ever again!

When I realised and accepted pmo was harmful I myself abstained from pmo and I am still in monk mode, I aim to stay like this for a few years, and along the way I want to inspire and remind others of the benefits, so that way its a win win situation for me, motivate others to motivate myself simple.

I will try my best to post regular content, studies and other peoples testimonials on the benefits of semen retention, and abstinence from porn and masturbation altogether. if you need help or advice then please contact me by email at support@quit-pmo.com