Research on the effects of PMO are in its infancy and they are not peer-reviewed. Only our “commonly shared” “lived experiences” are the sources of information for now. This is in itself can be considered as “scientific evidence” “qualitatively” speaking given the recurring common themes of people’s narratives. When you have thousands of people reporting similar or common “symptoms/patterns” in a given group they provide important sets of data to describe a “phenomenon”. This is called Thematic analysis which is one of the most common forms of analysis in qualitative research. It emphasizes heavily on examining and recording patterns or themes in a given data.

There are things science cannot measure. For example, how much someone loves another person, but we know love exists. This applies to charisma when quitting PMO . I personally became very charismatic when I quit PMO, how can you measure that? Does lack of “scientific evidence” mean it does not exist? Before you label “lived experiences” of many as bullshit, understand what a “phenomenon” means in science.