How to recover from PMO

Ever wondered Why your tired all the time?

Importance of semen

You have to understand that excessive pmo will deplete you of your energy, the cause of your physical and mental weakness is due to loss of semen, your semen contains only 1 percent of sperm, the rest is prostatic fluid (semen) and within semen you will find a concentration of essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc. This semen is so powerful it is used as a means to create life, but its not just limited to creating life only, we can actually use this sexual energy as a means to excel in other aspects of our lives.



Although Our bodies produce millions of sperm every day, it takes about a 74 day cycle for the semen and sperm to actually mature. after 74 days this is when your body is in the best state to reproduce, but if that semen is not ejaculated within 3 weeks then what happens to all that unused semen? it has to go somewhere right? Surprisingly our body does an amazing thing where it decides to reabsorb or recycle all that built up semen and it enriches your blood, nourishes the brain, nerves,  and organs helping your body to function much better, so if you don’t use it to create life then it gives you life instead, hence why its called “Life Force”



Your body requires a lot of effort and time to create this precious fluid, according to Ayurveda it takes about 80 drops of blood just to create one drop of semen, the production of semen is a lengthy process which is similar to the process of  bees making honey it takes a lot of time and it is created drop by drop. According to Ayurveda and eastern science what we consume in a month only produces about enough semen for about one or 2 ejaculations, so you can see how scarce this fluid can be, but at the same time you can use the fluid to acquire abundance.



Many great intellectuals, speakers, athletes, entrepreneurs have used there sexual energy as a means to achieve excellence, some of them being Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Gandhi, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, these are just a few of the many, perhaps you may even know of some people who secretly use there sexual energy to achieve excellence, there are many people even today who use this secret.



One can easily recognise these people who have within them a lot of life force, or sexual energy, you will find that they have physical beauty, clear beautiful skin, lustrous bright eyes, they walk swiftly and with a slight bounce, when they speak they almost captivate the listener, they have a magnetic aura,  people are drawn and inclined towards them and of course they have that glow on their there is more to semen than we think, its a tool which we can use to reach our goals quicker and easier, the first step to recovery is stop wasting this energy and let it build up within you and then transmute this energy into your hobbies, social life, career, business etc.



At least try it for yourself for 90 days, go through the 74 day semen cycle and avoid pmo strictly, you will see how amazing your body truly is, you will see with your own eyes, how your stamina, energy, and strength increases. If you go gym then watch your gains. if your an academic then watch your studies. But overall you will notice the benefits physically first such as brighter eyes, glowing face, Deeper voice, better posture etc.



You may be wondering why do all these changes occur within a person if they decide to retain they’re essence, its pretty simple I mean we are not the designer or creator of our bodies, but I personally believe we have been created by a higher being and this higher being has created us all in the best form, we all have deep primal instincts which we are not aware of in a conscious state, but our default bodily programming is to procreate to prevent human extinction which is why the sex desire is the strongest in us, so when we retain our essence, some biological changes occur within us where we go through a beautification phase hence why you become more sexually attractive and why thousands of people in the “nofap” subreddit report more attention from the opposite gender.