The Best power nofap can give you…….


Your life is made up of time. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Blink, and 10 years will go by. How do you know this? Because that’s how long 10 years ago was — a blink.

PMO robs you of so much time. Not just the time you spend watching videos, looking at pictures, reading stories, sexting — whatever your vector.

But all the time you spend thinking about it. And especially all of time you aren’t inspired to do anything worthwhile after a PMO session because you’re physically depleted and emotionally drained. In other words: you feel like shit.

Whatever “superpowers” may or may not be in store for you is secondary.

But what you will get instantly and without any doubt, is hours and hours of time.

Time that you can spend with members of your family before it’s too late — and the option is taken away from you, one way or another.

Time you can spend out in the world. There are millions of people on their death bed right now who will not see tomorrow, who would give ANYTHING to swap places with any of us. ANYTHING. And just to take a walk. See a sunrise. Feed a bird.

To be alive.

My brothers — all you have is time. Your life is ticking down. Either it leaves you or you leave it. It really doesn’t matter if you have 80 years to go or 8.

It’s over in a blink.

PMO steals your time, and gives you back nothing.

Take back your time, and take back your life.

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