Why Quit P.M.O

After a hard days graft your sitting down for a meal and you feel good, or you smash your exams after studying so hard and  you feel great, or maybe you got that promotion you have been working hard for and you feel really good inside, If you open up your laptop and watch sexual content then masturbate you also feel good, These are all rewards. But the thing is with the act of pmo, that’s Porn Masturbation and Orgasm, that separate’s itself  from the rest of the crowd is your not really using any real effort to do this act, its pretty much effortless to obtain.


Let’s put things into perspective, in order to get that satisfying feeling after smashing your exams you gotta put in the time by attending class, the effort to take notes and then you have to persistently  study. whereas with the act of pmo its very easy all you have to do is open a laptop press the mouse a few times till you find a video you like and instantaneously you can reward yourself with pleasure without any time or effort from your side.


The thing is with porn and masturbation it triggers one of the most powerful and pleasurable feeling your body can reward its self with naturally, the orgasm, this reward is usually obtained by meeting a mate, coming off as attractive, spending time with this mate, exchanging thoughts and emotions and bonding with each other, till you eventually advance your relationship to the bedroom.


But in today’s times sex is available at the click of a button, I mean ask yourself if you could get A’s in exams with the click of a button would you bother putting in the effort to study? or if you could get Hench or lose weight with the click of a button would you go to the gym? If you could get any man or woman you desire with the click of a button would you make the effort to go out and socialise, meet people or even groom yourself?


People who pmo excessively or they’re in the habit of engaging in this act have reported lower levels of confidence, motivation and energy, that’s because one of the most pleasurable things in nature is so easily accessible at the click of a button! when you keep rewarding yourself for nothing you develop the mentality of a dog who gets too many treats, meaning you become lazy and unmotivated and this will affect every single aspect of your life, your social life, work, relationship with family etc.


When you make a habit of this act you trick your brain subconsciously to think that you are in that stage of life where you have decent wealth, and your engaging in sexual relations regularly so your body will start to age and make you look less attractive,  and wont provide sufficient energy & motivation to get shit done! I mean why would it when your brain thinks your having the time of your life and you are already content! think about it…

Although your not actually having sex when viewing pornographic material, the funny thing is your sub-concious can’t tell the difference between watching the act and doing the act, so it actually believes that its engaged in the real act.


There is a movement on reddit with over 300k subs called “NoFap” its a group of people who decided to try the 90 day reboot or they are in the process of reaching 90 days without pmo. majority of people want to quit forever, but those who quit have reported the following benefits-

    • Increased confidence
    • more courage
    • ability to easily engage and interact with people
    • ability to express themselves fully

  • more strength
  • more energy
  • better eyesight
  • sharper memory and concentration
  • decreased or fully cured social anxiety
  • deeper voice
  • overall better mood
  • feeling like a super saiyan
  • increased wealth
  • more productive
  • more creative
  • becoming better at adopting new skills
  • clear mind no brain fog









The list goes on everyone experiences different things, although 90 days is like a trial your end goal should be to remove this bad habit out of your life completely.  our bodies are very clever and amazing, approximately after a month or 2 if a person stops engaging in pmo, the body starts to beautify its self, by deepening the voice(more testosterone), making the eye’s brighter and lustrous, you will also notice a glow on the face, these are the external features people will automatically notice, and you will also feel more energetic,happy, motivated and ambitious, in other words your body naturally provides you with the energy amd motivation to get shit done! and beautifies you in a way which will attract the opposite gender which is why thousands of people mention more attraction and attention from the opposite gender when they abstain from pmo.



Whereas on the other hand if you engage in pmo on the regualr you will notice you have a rather ashy pale dark complexion, sunken dead eyes, dry skin, hair loss, bad posture, hunched shoulders, very sensitive and emotional, always overthinking and in a constant state of mindlessness, low confidence, social anxiety, difficulty maintaining eye contact, difficulty bonding with people, losing interest in hobbies and studies, people will ignore your presence, some people can even feel your low vibe (nofap raises your vibe.) Its not just watching porn that can effect you like this, it can be excessive indulgence in alcohol, gaming, fast food, and drugs all these things provide a short burst of gratification for doing absolutely nothing.



So go ahead and give it a shot, and stop rewarding yourself for nothing, anything is possible if you believe in yourself,  If I can do it then so can you, it might be hard at first but to undergo such difficulty in this hyper-sexualised society that we live in, but it is so  damn worth it in the end! you will see what i mean after 90 days, along this journey you will undergo TEMPORARY FAILURE  its natural, no one is perfect, when the mud is thick even the elephant slips, if you fell into a puddle of piss are you going to sit there and cry feeling sorry for yourself like a lowlife or are you going to get up and clean yourself and come back even stronger! seriously just start, and watch how your life changes and takes you on a journey of success in all things.



WARNING: (just like any great thing a person strives to achieve you will eventually hit a brick wall at some stage of this journey maybe after a week or 1 month or a year even,but when you reach this point you will be in such a state where it will be so damn easy to just give up and feel really hard to carry on fighting, at this stage success is very close my friend, and the enemy is very dominant over you or so it may seem that way, but when you hit this wall you will know its the wall, so basically when you reach this point if you give up then you will be TEMPORARILY defeated left with a feeling of shame, guilt and self loathing whereas if you succeed in not giving in then boy your in for a treat! you will feel bloody invincible so prepare yourself mentally whilst you undergo this journey and watch how your life improves, I guarantee it!

good luck.